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 One of the great landscapes of my life, Mt. Sopris looms above Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, where I went to high school. I climbed the mountain several times and often spent days backpacking through the Rockies and the Utah canyon lands. I loved it, and remember well how wonderful it was to pitch camp after a long day on the trail, bathing in a clear river and cooking dinner on a hissing stove. You’d be miles from any road, three or four days into a two week trip, among good friends and astonishing beauty. Late in the second or third day, your body would find the rhythm, and the walking became effortless on the flats. Steep passes were a challenge, but gladly met and opening finally onto a new valley more beautiful than the one you left behind. In the canyons, you’d find yourself waist deep in a stream between narrow walls opening on a crack of blue sky hundreds of feet overhead. Round a bend to find an Anasazi ruin tucked into the cliff like a swallow’s nest. So many memories, far more than I can share in a post.

The last time I was backpacking was when I was 21, and now 21 years later I just wouldn’t be able to do it. My knees, heart and lungs would give out. I can’t tell you how angry and disgusted that makes me. I really can’t say why I let it go. I got distracted by life, drawn down other paths, and put on over 100 pounds. I’m not an athlete, never really liked team sports, but I miss the summits and the shadowed canyons. One of my goals in losing weight is to get back there, to climb up out of a valley into a pass so narrow you can almost span it with outstretched arms, and then race down into the next valley and sleep in tall grass by running water. I’ll make it, too.

Scott Ingram Photography Flickr (CC)

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  • I’m glad to see I can comment now! I tried to before but couldn’t.

    That’s a great motivation. I remember just a few years ago that I could only dream of doing the things I’m doing now and if I can do it you can do it too. I started at just about the same weight as you too.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I can’t even imagine doing a marathon, more for the hammering on the knees than anything else. It would be nice if it were a live option, though, instead of an act of suicide. I’d love to go hiking in New Zealand, too. A lot of Kiwis up here in Japan.

  • Hi Aburamisan,

    I am fat too. But, like you, am planning to lose just over 100 lbs.

    Your blog is great so far. I am bookmarking you!



  • Hey Rachel, thanks for stopping by. I’m hoping this blog will be a useful tool in doing what I have to do. I hope yours is too, and I look forward to checking it out some time today. 100 pounds seems like so much to lose, but then we have so much to gain. Worth working for!

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